Shining Gloss White With Silver and blue - GSXR 600 - 750 08-10

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  • OEM Grade Abs Plastic
  • Free Heat Shield Protection
  • Free Seat Cowl
  • Free Windshield
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  • Pre Drilled Precision OEM Fitment
Bolt Kit
Make this kit track Ready
i Make this fairing kit track ready. By removing the headlight and taillight fixtures we make this standard road kit ready for the track. (Kit come with standard road style lower side and belly fairings.)

As the industry leader of Injection Moulded ABS Plastic Motorcycle Fairings, when you purchase from Monster Fairings, you know exactly what you are getting. We use only the very best ABS Plastic and the most precise Injection Moulding Machines, in fact, we use the very same Machines and ABS Plastic as those which are used to make OEM Fairings. Because of this, our results are guaranteed.

We use the exact same process to produce our Monster Fairings as manufactures use to produce OEM Fairings. Our Injection Moulding machines allow us to create fairing parts with a remarkably durable compound of ABS Plastic. All our moulds ensure that the fittings and the fairings come as one, no need to make alterations or drill your own holes. This ensures a precise fit, every time.

We apply heat shield liberally to every single side fairing part that we produce, this is to ensure maximum durability of the fairing parts, and to protect the kit from the heat emitted from the engine of the motorcycle. This is a very important step that most fairing kit producers miss.

We use a refined precision paint process for all of our Fairing Kits. Firstly we apply the under coat, followed by the base colors. Once we have the general base colors on the kit we go ahead and apply the main colors, which is then followed by additional detailed work. Once the colors are all on the kit we go ahead and start the clear coat process. We apply at least 3 layers of clear coat followed by a extra coat of UV protective clear. This is to ensure your kits color stays strong and vibrant, and protects against the suns harmful UV rays. Our clear coat also protects your kit against harmful chemicals such as fuel and oil.

Once you have processed your order with Monster Fairings, you can expect your fairing kit to be ready in around 14-28 working days, depending on the complexity of the kit. This time allows us to do a thorough job in producing something truly spectacular. Once the kit is ready for shipment, photos will be taken. These photos are then sent to you, asking for your kind confirmation that the kit is the correct design and okay to be shipped out.

After the design has been confirmed the kit goes through a last stage of quality control before being sent over to shipment. All fairing kits are sent in our specially fabricated, wooden framed Monster Fairings boxes. We apply liberal amounts of protective foams to ensure against damaged during shipment.

At Monster Fairings you are not limited to the designs that you see on our website, if there is a kit that you like listed elsewhere on the internet, send that photo over to us in an email and we will be more then happy to help get it made for you. However if you have found a kit that you like on our website, but just want a few things changed around such as colors or wording, thats no problem either. Drop us an email with your specification and we will gladly assist.

116 Reviews
4.9 out of 5

Ashy to Classy

Purchased my dream bike a few months back but she was looking a little dull, I contacted Monster Fairings and they helped me bring my baby back to life. The customer service was great, they responded to each of my emails in a timely manner, and the fit and paint of the fairings is awesome. Im very impressed and satisfied! Thank you Monster Fairings, your highly recommened

My Experience with Monster fairings

I had bought a Honda blackbird as it was my preferred cruiser from the old days, being a older bike I found one in excellent condition low kms, but it wasn't the colour I wanted, it was black. I liked the blue so I got some quotes to repaint the fairings and get the stickers made up.So I started my journey to find the right painter and best cost. I found it was gonna be costly so I googled to try find blue fairings and I came across the monster fairings site. After looking thru the site and costs, I thought it was very well priced.So I placed the order and waited patiently as I didn't know exactly what I was getting. Short time later after I placed the order and paid.The new fairings arrived! I was so excited as I opened the boxes and my god! The quality of the paint was unbelievable! I was so happy to see how good quality it was coming with all the plastics and everything you need!... next step was fitting it all up, literally took me 3hours to fit it all up, fairings fitted up nice and easy. After fitting sll the fairings the bikes looked amazing! Went for a ride that day and the comments I got was amazing from other riders! Thanks to Eric and monster Fairings! Highly recommended for anyone looking to paint their bike!

Great product and customer service

I have bought 3 fairing kit off monster fairings and everyone of them has been amazing and there customer service is great very helpful and responsive to any questions you might have

Good buy

I'm overall happy with my purchase of fairings from this company! The fairings arrived in good condition and the customer service is even better.

Couldn't be More Satisfied

My overall experience when ordering from Monster Fairings has been positive. Whether it be the quick responses from the team, fast shipping or high-quality fairings. It made it hard to be dissatisfied. The mechanic who worked on my bike also mentioned how easy and quick putting the friends together was. I ordered the blue/carbon fiber kit and it looks stunning. I would definitely recommend monster fairings to my friends and fellow riders.

Quality product from a quality company!

They got my order quickly and stayed in touch with me throughout the process of painting them! Very good fitment and paint job is IMMACULATE!