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Once the fairing kits have been approved, they are then loaded into our specially-fabricated Monster Fairings boxes. These boxes are made with wooden frame to ensure maximum protection of kits during shipment. We offer standard shipping to the US/UK/West EU (20-30 days) and expedited shipping offered at the point of shipment for an extra fee. Customers are urged to reference specific shipping times indicated at checkout. Tracking IDs are issued within 24-72 hours of shipment; if clients don’t receive the IDs for their kits, they are advised to send an email via the ‘Contact Us’ button at the top of the website.


Clients are advised that upon receipt of the fairing kit, they should inspect it for any damages or imperfections within the space of 72 hours. It is also important that photos of any defective part of the kit be sent to us in order to begin the processing of new parts, along with photos of the box in which the parts were received.

If you have already placed an order for a kit at Monster Fairings and you want to track its production stage, please click here.


At Monster Fairings, when a client pays for a product, we owe it to them to deliver the service or product that was ordered. If any part of the fairing kit gets damaged during shipment, we will replace it free of charge. Monster Fairings offers a 100% fitment and paint guarantee, Fairing kits must be fitted by a professional motorcycle repair facility to exercise our fitment guarantee.

If a customer receives a kit and isn’t pleased with the design, the customer can return it and receive a refund. However, we charge a $250 re‑stocking fee for any kit returned without defect. If you would like to cancel an order that is already in the production stage, there is a $100 charge for request to be cancelled before 24 hours, and $250 after 24 hours.

Monster Fairings does not accept return of kits based on color mismatch due to OEM. Monster Fairings can not accept a return of kits that have already been fitted to a motorcycle.