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Some of the best CBR Fairings and Body kits

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The latest lineup from Honda has some interesting additions. The usual CBR range has not changed much. With updated colours amongst the standard Repsol race rep and the white, red and blue, there are also some different things to look at.

CBR fairings haven’t really changed much over the years, and the latest bikes are not that different. With most bikes available in the standard Repsol orange, white, red and blue. However, there are also some other styles available, that may catch your eye if you don’t want to follow the herd.

My personal favourite it the Konica Minolta race rep, with similar colours to the latest limited edition CBR600RR, blue wheels and a white and black fairing kit is the majority of this look. This is very different from what you normally see on a Honda and in my opinion is one of the best options to go for if you’re looking at changing the colour of your bike. The advantage of this is also the contrasting colours and the white in the paint work also making you more visible on the road which is always a positive.

My next favourite is the white and black CBRs, with just a hint of red they make mean machines and stand out in any crowd. They look modern, which is sometimes hard for Honda as they seem to be using the same paint as they were when they introduced the CBR back in 1992.

If you really want to make your bike standout, consider maybe going for something different entirely. The navy blue and black Honda’s are very nice, and yes the colours are similar to the latest range from Yamaha, but to be honest unless you look at getting a one off custom paint job, you will always find a bike that has similar colours. But that’s not the point. If you want to make peoples heads turn, make your bike different, don’t go for standard Repsol colours, in my opinion go for a plain one colour bike, then get some accents of another colour thrown in there, for example black and orange or black and red.

You also have the opportunity to make your older CBR look new. Look into the fixings available so that you can fit new style fairings on your older bike or even the other way around. This will definitely turn heads.

The latest bike from Honda is also worth mentioning, the NM4 Vultus. To be honest it looks like something Batman would ride, with it’s square matt black fairings against its shiny metal parts make it one to look at. With what Honda claims to be “jet fighter styling” the bike envelopes the rider “in a cocoon of aerodynamic angles inspired by Japanese Manga comics”. This 750cc monster even comes with a digital display that changes depending on what gear you’re in. With white, pink, blue and red as standard, and the option to adjust it to another 25 other colours. This bike is truly from another planet and will be interesting to see in person.