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Must Have Motorcycle Fairing Kits

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Fairing kits come in many different designs. Whether you want to turn you bike into a café racer, a street bike or even strip it down so it’s naked, there is still a need to consider your fairings. Another reason you would need a fairing kit is if you use your bike on track days a lot, or if you ride it everyday. This guide should help you to choose the latest and greatest of fairing kits available, and help you on your path to bringing your bike back to life.

The latest must have fairing kits for track riders are made from Carbon Fibre. Known in the trade as Carbon Fibre Reinforced Plastic (CFRP), this material is the latest in making your fairings as strong and as light as possible. The aesthetics of carbon fibre fairings are also beautiful. They can be painted like normal fairings in the same way you would paint fiberglass fairings, but to be honest, they are so beautiful; you may just want to keep them free from paint. 

However, most of you will be after ABS fairings, and this will be the majority of the fairings I will talk about. These fairings are what comes as standard on your bike. They are strong and not too heavy. Plus they’re also easy to fix should they break. 

Most fairing kits come in race colours, this is the mainly for the supersport bikes as people are after a way to make their bike stand out, and what’s better than making it look like your favourite MOTOGP bike? These will be the must have for people that are not looking for something to make their bike lighter and faster, but to improve how it looks, maybe if you have a few broken fairings after an accident, or your paint has deteriorated over time. This is the way to go to spruce up your bike for the summer.

The next lot of fairings I will be talking about is the new, all the rage matt coloured fairings. These are becoming more and more standard on newer bikes due to advances in paint over the past few years. These fairings look very nice on all bikes, and may even be a way to bring your older bike into the 21st century. These can even be used to replace your old, heavy dustbin fairings.

Finally, if a whole fairing kit is out of your price range, a good choice for upgrading your bike is using an LED lighting kit. These can be home made and consist of waterproof LED strips, but these fairing lighting kits can make quite a difference to your bike. There are kits available online that can even be controlled by your phone using Bluetooth. This gives your bike a sense of colour at night, and can make you stand out more when out at night. Though do make sure if using them on the road that the law is abided by, as each country and in the US each state has different laws surrounding the colour of light you may display while on public roads.