Red Matte Black - CBR 1000RR 04-05

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  • Plastiche di qualità Abs come gli OEM
  • Gratis Strato di Protezione dal Calore
  • Gratis Coprisellino
  • Gratis Parabrezza
  • Spedizione Internazionale Gratuita
  • Fori predisposti di precisone calzamento OEM
Bolt Kit
Make this kit track Ready
i Make this fairing kit track ready. By removing the headlight and taillight fixtures we make this standard road kit ready for the track. (Kit come with standard road style lower side and belly fairings.)

Come leader dell’ industria della stampa ad iniezione ABS di carenature per motociclette se compri da Monster Fairings, sai esattamente cosa aspettarti. Usiamo la migliore Plastica ABS e le più precise macchine a stampaggio ad iniezione, infatti, usiamo le stesse macchine e la stessa plastica ABS che usa chi fa carenature OEM. Grazie a questo, il risultato é garantito.

Le nostre macchine a stampaggio ad iniezione ci permettono di creare parti di carenature con strutture eccezionalmente durature di plastiche ABS.

Tutti i nostri Modelli calzano perfettamente e la carenature arrivano complete e pronte per il montaggio, non c’é bisogno di modificare oppure di fare dei buchi.

Questo garantisce una perfetta forma, sempre.

Applichiamo uno strato di protezione dal calore su tutte le singole parti che produciamo, questo serve per assicurare la massima durata delle parti di carenatura ed a proteggere il kit dal calore emesso dalla marmitta della motocicletta. Questo é un importante passo che la maggior parte dei produttori di kit per carenatura ignora.

Usiamo un processo di verniciatura di precisione raffinato per tutti i kit di carenatura. Per prima cosa applichiamo la base, seguita dal colore base. Una volta che abbiamo generato il colore base sul kit andiamo avanti applicando il colore principale, che poi viene ripetutamente lavorato. Una volta che i colori sono sul kit si continua con il processo di verniciatura di uno strato trasparente.

Applichiamo 3 strati di trasparente seguito da uno extra strato di vernice protettiva UV. Per assicurare che il vostro kit mantenga i colori forti e squillanti e sia protetto dai dannosi raggi UV del sole. Il nostro strato protegge il vostro kit anche da agenti chimici dannosi come Olii e carburanti.

Una volta che il vostro ordine di Monster Fairings é stato processato, potete aspettare che il vostro kit sia pronto in 14-28 Giorni lavorativi, a seconda della sua complessità. Questo tempo ci permette di fare un lavoro completo per produrre qualcosa di spettacolare. Una volta che il kit é pronto per la spedizione, saranno fatte delle foto.

Queste foto vi saranno spedite, chiedendo di confermarci che il kit abbia il design Giusto e per darci l’ok per la spedizione.

Dopo che il design é stato confermato il kit passerà l’ultimo controllo di qualità prima di essere spedito. Tutti i kit di carenatura saranno spediti, imballati in scatole con cornice in legno appositamente fabbricate per Monster Fairings. Aggiungiamo, inoltre una quantità di schiuma protettiva per assicurarci che non avvengano danni durante il trasporto.

Da Monster Fairings non siete limitati ai design che potete trovare sulla nostra pagina web, se c’é un kit che avete trovato da qualche altra parte su internet, mandateci una foto alla nostra email e saremo lieti di accontentarvi e crearlo per voi. Oppure, se avete trovato un kit sulla nostra pagina web che vi piace, ma volete cambiare qualcosina come il colore o la forma, non ci sono problemi. Mandaci un'email con le caratteristiche e noi vi assisteremo volentieri.

264 Reviews
4.8 out of 5

Hayabusa 2008

I bought a black and orange fairing kit for my Suzuki Hayabusa 2008. By mistake, by myself, I ordered a Track Ready kit, but I should not have, because I should have one for Road Use. I would have been very surprised when I had opened the packages and seen this. BUT those who work for Monster Fairings discovered this and sent me an email and asked if it was a Track Ready I should have, because it was not common to buy a Track Ready fairing kit for a Hayabusa. Well done by them. After this I received an email about how far in the process the production was and when the fairing kit was finished, they sent pictures to see if I was happy. When the 2 packages arrived in Norway and I opened them up, all the parts were VERY nicely wrapped, so that they would not be damaged on the trip to Norway. When I got to see them up close, I discovered some small paint defects on a couple of the parts, but so small that I could use them. But I took pictures and sent them to Monster Fairings and showed them what I was not completely happy with. There is no doubt from Monster Fairings, they should start the production of new parts and send them to me free of charge, because they have a "please guarantee". So far they have had a VERY good service. After fitting all the parts, my wife and I went on a vacation, she on the Hayabusa and I on a Suzuki RF900R. Several hours after we had parked the motorcycles for the evening, halfway through the holiday, a neighbor came and said that both motorcycles were tipped in the courtyard where we had parked them. It turned out that someone had backed the car on the RF900 and then this one tipped on the Hayabusa and then it had also tipped. The Hayabusa was injured on both sides. When I got home from vacation, I contacted Monster Fairings and wondered if they could produce the parts I needed. Yes, they could, since I was already a customer and now the parts are soon on their way to me, so I can repair the Hayabusa during the winter. I live in the north of Norway.
SO, I would highly recommend Monster Fairing. They have great prices and great service.

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Gen 1 zx14 fairings

Was looking around for fairings and came across monster fairings. I have read alot of good reviews on them so I went and purchased fairings for my gen 1 zx14, after purchasing I had thought i put a code for a free bolt kit but I didn't, so I emailed them that I entered the code but it didn't go through. I told them the code and they went ahead to put the bolt kit in my order. I must say make sure you order a grommet and well nut kit if your fairings flew off. It took a couple of months but it was well worth it. Installed them and now my bike looks like brand new again. Would buy another set if needed


Monster Fairings is great! Their customer service is on point and reply to you as soon as they see your message! When I got the fairings the paint was incredible and exactly what I had asked for. If I was to get new fairings from somewhere again it would be here 10/10 times!

Exactly what I wanted

I had chosen a super specific color for my fairings and was worried it wouldn't be right… but after emailing back and forth they made 100% sure that the color was correct. When they came in and I got to see them in person for the first time I was amazed at how good they looked, way better then I pictured. Custer service is easily a 5/5 rating from me.

Good Looking and Flexible

After a cold tire lowside destroyed the OEM fairings on my Honda CBR600rr trackday bike I was looking for replacement plastic.
I'd heard a lot of negatives about Chinese built aftermarket fairings, mostly that they weren't flexible so they'd crack on installation and explode on impact, and also that the paint quality wasn't great. But for a track bike I thought I'd take a chance based on price. I was still trying to figure out who to buy from when I tripped over a discount code for Monster fairings. Research suggested that Monster was the best of the offshore brands but were a bit more expensive, but given the discount code the price gap was narrowed enough that I thought I'd try the better rated Monsters.
Expedited shipping (to Canada) was offered for a premium price but it was still the off-season so I declined and went with the free shipping option. The fairings actually arrived within the time frame promised for expedited shipping so I'm glad I saved my money on this.
Packaging was well done and none of the parts were damaged or scuffed.
The paint looks amazing. There were maybe 2 small runs in the clearcoat, but I think unless you were the person doing the installation you'd never have seen them. Much better than what I was lead to believe I would be getting.
Next came installation. You do need to be a bit handy to do this well but I think this caveat goes for any aftermarket fairings and is my experience with high priced race glass as well. However in the process of installing, particularly with the tail on the CBR600 you have to flex the panels a LOT and I kept waiting to hear the 'crack' that I was warned of. Well no such crack happened. The parts were all as flexible as you needed them to be to do the installation. Furthermore, on my local track there are a few off-camber downhill corners where I've managed to drag the lowers on both sides, so they are scuffed from hitting the asphalt, but there has been no cracking as a result of those impacts, a far cry from the 'exploding' plastic I was warned of.
I will point out that some of the small black ABS accessory bits didn't fit as well as I'd hoped, but I had most of the OEM ones from the crashed bodywork so I reused them where I could.
Overall I am very happy with these fairings and would recommend them.

Would recommend to friends and family.

Ordered a fairing set for my 06 ninja zx6r. I had emailed them after ordering to ask them a few questions and they replied faster then I expected and answered all my questions. Great customer service and great fairings. Everything fit perfectly and looks really good