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Buying Your First Fairings Kit: What You Should Know

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It can sometimes take a while to find the fairing kit you’re looking for. But don’t be put off. There is always one out there that will be almost perfect for what you’re looking for. This article is to inform you about the different fairings available, and what you need to know to make an informed decision when buying your first set of fairings.
The first decision is your budget. Your budget ultimately decides the quality of the fairings that you will purchase. The best fairings are going to be purchased at around £500-800 ($700-1000). This will allow you to buy high quality fairings that will last.
You will then need to decide what your fairings are for. Are they to replaced old fairings that have been damaged, or are you looking for fairings for your next track day.  This will influence the fairings you will buy and the materials they are made from.
The next decision is the material that your fairings are made from. The highest quality fairings are usually made from ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) This plastic is easily formed to the correct shape using injection molding and are the most commonly available. If you are looking for race fairings, you may want to opt for carbon fibre, which are lighter and may make all the difference on the track.
When buying fairings you need to ensure that you know what you are buying. The most common disappointment is when people’s fairings arrive without any holes in them for fixing to the bike. When you buy a set of fairings make sure you check that they come pre-drilled this will make it a lot easier to fit them and will save you time a hassle in the long run. However, if they are pre-drilled you need to ensure that the fairings are specific to your motorcycle and they will definitely fit.
The next step is whether you need a fixing kit. Are your old fixings and fittings in good condition? Do any of them need replacing? This will need to be sorted in time so that you can use the new fixings on the new fairings, reducing the chance of damaging the old fairings. If you’re going to use the fairings for track days, you may want to invest in quick change fixing kits. This will enable you to change the fairings quickly while at the track, or give you fast access to the bike if maintenance is needed.
Finally, you need to think about how you want the fairings to look. Are you going to go for a plain one colour scheme, or a fiery race replica? This can be hard to choose, so like a tattoo, make sure you are happy with the colours you are getting, if needed, ask the company if they have pictures of the kit on a bike. You can also usually ask for alterations, such as removed or swapped decals. Most companies will be happy to oblige.
You are now ready to go and find your perfect fairings! Good Luck!