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If like me, your email inbox has been flooded with communications from various companies sharing with you their stance on COVID-19 here at Monster Fairings we believe communication is key between us and our customers and we want to ensure you are informed during this difficult time, regarding both our stance on combatting this deadly virus and the production and delivery of your very precious new fairing kit. Before sharing our company’s stance on this pandemic I wish to share a positive thought.

It’s likely that the threat this outbreak presents to you, your family and your loved ones is like nothing you’ve ever experienced before. Each and every one of us finds ourselves having to process this outbreak through a whirlwind of uncertainty and a plethora of mixed messages. At some point - which we are hoping to be sooner rather than later, this will get better, and the world will return to normal. Throughout history humans have always risen to the challenges that nature throws their way - always emerging stronger than before.

What’s most important now is that you and your family stay safe and healthy through this time, and with that here is our current stance on the situation as it escalates among the western world.

We are dedicated to implementing new procedures to ensure the safety of our team across the globe, our shipment partners, and worldwide customer base. Which include the increased use of cleaning procedures through our facilities as well as the use of disinfectant throughout all of our cargo.

Over the past few years we have heavily invested in technical support systems that allow us to make the decision to encourage over 80% of our customer support workforce stationed around the globe to work remotely, in an effort to do our part to limit the spread of COVID-19.

Service Report

Although it seems that much of the Far East has recovered from this deadly virus and has limited the number of new cases, the outbreak seems to have just started In the west (Europe/United States). Because of this we wish to remain in constant communication with our customers to ensure you’re up to date with our latest policies and procedures.


I am pleased to report that our production facilities currently remain unaffected by this outbreak and our production capabilities have returned to 80% operational. Throughout the months of January 20’ and February 20’ our production facilities saw sporadic closures as instructed by the government, and many of our customers saw extended production times. We wish to thank each and every one of you for being so understanding and patient with us whist we adhered to the restrictions set forth by the current administration, in an effort to ensure the safety of all our team members.


Whilst our production facilities are operational, at this time we are experiencing an unexpected increase in the wait times for shipment and delivery as various counties around the world limit air travel and transportation. That being said, it’s important to note that we do not currently send any of our cargo on the commercial airline flights which have been cancelled, but via air cargo routes which are still open and fully operational at this time.

Current Orders

So what does this mean for you? This means that we will continue to produce all fairing kits as ordered by our customers, we are increasing the standard production times from 14-21 working days to 14-28 working days as a precautionary measure so our customers can plan accordingly. We do ask you to expect longer delivery times from our shipment companies as we attempt to gain space on the currently heavily over demanded cargo planes. We will no longer be using EMS for shipments and will be using DHL exclusively to ensure our shipments arrive in time, this will come at no additional cost to our current customers.

New Orders

Unfortunately at this time due to the level of uncertainty that stands in front of us, we will no longer be accepting new orders.

We really appreciate your patience and understanding during this difficult time. As always please feel free to reach out with any questions if they weren’t answered above.