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Shipping/ Customs

Once a fairing kit has been approved and given the ‘Okay’, we load the kits into our specially fabricated Monster Fairings boxes. Our boxes are made with a reinforced frame to ensure maximum protection during the shipment process. Kits are then sent to our preferred express shipping agent. Please allow around 25-35 days for the full delivery of a fairing kit. Tracking ID’s are usually issued within a week of shipment of the kit, if you still have not received a ID for your kit drop us an email using the ‘Contact Us’, tab at the top of the website and we will be more than happy to assist you.

Monster Fairings pays all customs and importation fees, if importation fees occur please send a copy of the importations receipt to info@monsterfairings.com with your MF number and we will issue a customs invoice for the officers, the funds will be refunded to your account. If customs and importation officials request a reciept for your purchase please contact us for an official reciept of purchase

Once your fairing kit arrives, be sure to diligently check over your kit prior to installation. Monster Fairings highly recommends the installation of each and every flaring kit by a trained professional, this will be required to exercise our 100% fitment gurantee .

Current Orders

If you have already made an order with us at Monster Fairings and are looking to try and track you'r kit, or see where it is in the production process, please click here.


At Monster Fairings, as previously mentioned, we are able to offer a service that others simply cant. We believe that when you pay around 700 USD for a product, you deserve to not only get the product that you ordered, but the service and product that you want. We understand that your precious cargo isn't always everyone else’s precious cargo and things can get tossed around during shipment, we don’t want you to have to pay for other peoples mistakes. At Monster Fairings we offer a 100% fitment and paint guarantee on any bike that has never been dropped or laid down. If any part arrives at your door and you are not completely satisfied with the fitment or the paint job, we will replace the parts free of charge, All Fairings must be fitted by a professional motorcycle shop, a valid receipt of fitment will be required for any fitment issues.

Current Orders

All we ask is that upon delivery of the fairing kit, please diligently check over the kit for any defects and imperfections within 72 hours. Please also kindly send photos of any defected parts to us with a description, so we can quickly start the process of getting new parts sent out to you. It is important that photos or any defective parts are sent to us prior to fitting the parts onto the motorcycle. Photos of any damaged parts on the motorcycle will not be valid for exchange or replacement. In the event that you wish to return your fairing kit to us, thats also not a problem. If you receive a kit and simply aren't happy with the design, send it right on over back to us and we will offer you a refund. Due to the process of us sending over photos of the kit before its sent out to ensure that we have the perfect design for you, we do charge a $190 re stocking fee of any kit returned without defect.